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Ethiopia's press in a country as one of the biggest countries in Eastern has a quite poor private press compared to most other African countries. This is mainly due to the fact that former imperial and military regimes restricted the development of the private Ethiopian press.

In Ethiopia private newspapers have voiced alternative views during the the past two decades with two national daily newspapers: Addis Zemen (in Amharic) and the Ethiopian Herald (in English).

Newspapers in Ethiopia are facing several problems. Private papers have a great potential to give expression to the unheard voices while they face many internal and external challenges. The external challenges includes pressure getting access to information as well as a low reading culture. Also lack of technical and professional expertise, financial instability, and ethical problems are associated within the private print media.

Ethiopian newspapers are considered as an elite media (mainly used by the educated part of the society especially particularly for the urban population and mainly Addis Ababa), media with all their problems are playing a positive role by informing the population.

The press in Ethiopia is focusing on diverse subjects and areas ranging from the social, economic, cultural, and political up to entertainment and sports.

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